Tell the change that you wish to see in the world

The Shape of Things to Come – Jeff Kowalski (re:publica 2016)

Tools, our relationship of tools and the shape of things to come.

I found Jeff Kowalski’s (Chief Technology Officer at Autodesk) talk at this years re:publica very inspiring. We use our tools to shape the world around us. But there is also a reciprocity and the tools shape us as well.

Starting from the first stone wedge to co-creation with computers, that come up with innovative solutions by themself.

His stories are describing a very positive, optimistic future, which is also questioned in the Q&A session. I found his reaction very impressive and imitable:

I think that the stories that we tell, have a power to manifest themselves. In the careers that we pursue and the things that we put on the planet. I think that the stories tat we have today about the killer virus, the zombies that are eating cities, the apocalypse that is upon us… I actually think they create the potentiality and I think they are precondition us to welcome those sort of realities. I therefor believe it’s the job of technology and technologist like me to hurry up and get the alternative realities implemented as quickly as possible, so we don’t fall into those those negative distopias”

The stories you tell will become reality.

Or in the style of Gandi:

Tell the change that you wish to see in the world

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